Le Mans in 2016


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Le Mans in 2016 – In Le Mans 24 in the year 2016, participating around 60 cars will participate the race by assuming as free practicing and then they qualifying based on the warm up session will take on. By matching the records from earlier seasons, now the car counts are not notable with their absence. Here you can see some of the cars which are missing in the season 2016, you can find out now

Green GT H2

When you see proposed hydrogen fuelled cars which means to run in the season of 2013. So this car never raced but some time it seemed to overcome other cars. This hydrogen fuel car featured with new chassis which are well racing performer and also have innovative power train also describe such power station have been powered wheels they produced, but in the race track it has proved running at track was so difficult.

Le Mans cars in Year 2012

The cars participated in the year 2012 season which was nearly complete form and it means to run many laps that are demonstrated in same year using Silverstone. At that time, using hydrogen fuel cars are not allowed in the race tracks but after the stages of verification the team claimed such cars are safe to drive in track. And now Green GT H2 is an unexpected thing which is participated with Paul Richard in the season 2015.

Le Mans in 2016
Le Mans in 2016

Such car now running better and also change some boot works with new paint and it also made other profile which is appear in the Paris E prix season at 2016 season. And finally, now the organization shows about new concept based on street car racing format in Geneva Motor celebration in the earliest of 2016.

Nissan GT-R LM:

Here the most obvious from this list is Nissan GT-R LM, this car raced in just Le Mans in the year 2015 and also proved which are making disaster. With the help of choosing unconventional concept they made some work in the execution of further projects. The project launched in 2015 with great fan base and it will advise to win in Le Mans. As much of result to be expected the GT-R LM car but it faced the press meet and the padlock to be failed.

Several outlets to claim for this reason but this are failed for unconventional engine presented in front base and also front wheel also formed as layout. When you seen the security of both data that are simulated and real track data which shows up the concept that are not worked properly which was fundamentally flawed. But all the components are working properly because Nissan have provided respectable ways but it is not super quick.

To continue with the given requirements is fine, but the trouble will be all those works are perfectly working. But the overall the quality of Car gives cool appalling, so the hearts of car engine should be dismissed for any type of failure because which are designed in hybrid manner. In the version of 2016, this car to be designed and build when the team has suddenly closed and the whole project to be cancel.

By overcoming the defects by changing the system of battery hybrid system which was run under electric power and also it gives more reliable and simple process to work. After changing all those things which are not working proper in the previous versions that success would be in top level. As per the success of car racer have most of the point’s credits to car and their driver.