Football for Impoverished: India to Acquire Part in the Homeless World Cup


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Football for Impoverished: India to Acquire Part in the Homeless World Cup – Slum soccer, an organization that uses football as a mechanism for the social upliftment of demoralized demographics and at risk youth, proclaimed that it has partnered with Tata trusts and (FPAI) football players association of India for players India’s membership in the homeless world cup 2016.

The homeless world cup is a yearly football contest aiming on advocating a world awareness of and a key to the homeless. On July 9, the current edition of the homeless world cup kicked off in Glasgow. Slum association, India’s authoritative partner to the homeless world cup for a decade, is adopting football as the standard to eclipse race, religion, language and gender to convey about a modification in the lives of slum occupants through the gorgeous game.

With more than 8000 at risk youngster registered in thirty seven associations across India, slum soccer has unique programs made around the medium of football that concentrate on matters ranging from education and gender equal opportunity to the De-addiction and natural resource administration.

The Indian slum teams for the homeless world cup

The vast catchment pool of marginalized talent is the main reason for Indian teams selected in homeless world cup tournament through broad trials. The CEO of Slum soccer, believe that the influence of football is capable of furnishing people with skills and confidence to improve their lives. They are pleased that their partners – Tata trusts and FPAI also acquire into this vision totally.

Football for Impoverished: India to Acquire Part in the Homeless World Cup
Football for Impoverished: India to Acquire Part in the Homeless World Cup

They have seen members transform their lifestyle after their experiences at the homeless world cup, and now Indian teams have travelled to Glasgow with the same imaginings and spirit in their hearts. Associate event director Sinha mentioned about the Tata trust when speaking about the partnership, that it has an extensive history of being associated with sports in multiple ways.

They always focus on literacy; we believe that while it is associated with sports and incorporated sufficiently, it helps to make people who will eventually do well for themselves and their societies. As the tool partner, Tata trusts have transported a bunch of financial support, facilitating group India’s successful participation in the match.

Goal: to Glasgow – Practice session of the Chennai team

Most of the children who play football think of it as just a game, but for the Chennai team – street children, daily wage workers and slum occupants, some of whom who do not know from where their next food will be coming from, football gives them motive to trust that if they work for it, they will find chances in life. They have done their practice into the corporation ground in Mylapore.

It is a place they have domesticated from the local community – no one is permitted to lie around or drink there; it is where they play the sport they love. The world cup 2016 is now going to end in a couple of days in Glasgow.

The tournament: for ranking

The world cup 2016, to be held in Glasgow from July 10 to 16, has not only played for success but also for ranking. It associates football to connect people all over the countries to share inspiring stories. There are two hundred children occupied with Slum Soccer in Chennai, who enroll not only with football, but also gathers life skills and lessons in gender equality, conflict resolution, social awareness, and health awareness.

It is a pretty task to choose just 16 from across the country, to acquire part in the event. Like Slum soccer in India, partners of homeless world cup operate in 420 regions throughout the globe. Out of the 500 plus participants, who are part of the match every year, a 77 percent change their life significantly and 71 percent carry on playing the sport. The players understand they have the skills and recognition to come back; the homeless world cup is a facilitator for more openings in life.