Football and its Basic Important Rules

Football and its Basic Important Rules
Football and its Basic Important Rules

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Football and its Basic Important Rules – Football may look very easy as it is all about putting a massive ball in a goal post, however, football is a lot more complicated and sensitive in reality. Football is a game which has to be played with the help of other team members, timing and understanding of the opponents.

Manpower and teams

There will be a team of 11 players on the both sides considerably wearing a different coloured shirt to know their team members and opponents. 11 players consists of a goalkeeper who is supposed to protect the goal post. Today, we can see games, playing between clubs and countries.

The Team would be offensive and defensive depending on the ball’s possession. The team, which posseses the ball is called as the offensive team and the team which is trying to take the ball is called as the defensive team.

Field and its dimensions

The Football field is usually in a rectangular shape. An average football field measures 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. The White markings on the field is called as yard markers and it helps referees, fans and players to keep a track on the ball.

Football and its Basic Important Rules
Football and its Basic Important Rules

After Kickoff – Game rules and regulations

Kickoff means the start, every football game starts with a player’s kick and hence, it is known as KICK-OFF. Every player in the game struggles to get the ball in his possession to score a goal as creatively as possible to avoid the opponent’s defense. It is restricted to touch the ball with hands except Goalkeeper or a goalie. Only a goalkeeper is allowed to touch or catch the ball from his hand.

The ball is not supposed to go out of the yard markers and if it goes, it will be figured as to which team’s player touched the last and the opponent gets the chance to throw the ball from his hand without lifting his legs from the ground and from the same place where it was gone out of the yard marker.

Penalty and corners

Penalty is one of the most important and thrilling situation in the entire game of football as it involves only two players where the striker, who is kicking the ball will kick the ball to the goal post without having any defense from the opponent team except goalkeeper. The chances of goalkeeper saving a penalty are very less in nature as the goal post is wider and striker gets to choose his way or style of scoring a goal in his creative way.

Corners are supposed to be played from the corner of the football ground to score a goal with the help of teammates. Corners are given when the nearest Goal Keeper’s team is responsible for the ball out, this results in a corner where the opponent tries to kick the ball from the nearest corner and other team mates tries to score the goal with opponents defense.

Penalty Shootout

Like any other game, players with more goals or score will win the match, but there are plenty of chances that the match ends up in a tie where both the teams would have scored equal amount of goals or no goals at all. In this case, a Penalty shootout will be declared based on the importance of the match. Penalty shootout will not be awarded to every match as it would not justify the team’s efficiency in a matter of few goals

Penalty shootout will usually have 5 chances for each team where players take a turn to score a goal in the form of Penalty, Whoever scores more in the session will end up taking the game home.