Exciting series of England vs. Pakistan – Misbah Ul-Haq Reveals his Century Celebration


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Exciting series of England vs. Pakistan – Misbah Ul-Haq Reveals his Century Celebration – Misbah Ul- Haq’s century celebration was a compliment to the Pakistani Army officers who helped his team organize for this tour. Misbah greeting before doing ten pushups when he reached his hundred and then accepting the clapping of a full house at Lord’s. The Pakistan team defeated the England in the opening Investec test.

In this test match, Misbah hit a century, at the age of 42 years and 47 days. It was the most notable achievement by Misbah to challenge not only England’s attack, but the even more powerful force of Anno Domini. It was a wonderful moment to ostentatious displays of emotion, which made Misbah’s celebration all the more conspicuous. His grand innings has been a microcosm of his career as Pakistan’s captain.

Stirring series of Misbah shines on one day:

He entered when Pakistan could have disintegrated at 77 for three here, and in 2010 as captain after the mark fixing event at Lord’s and in both occasions, he renewed their strength. Misbah hit a century in a one day match and the team defeated England. Many people think that his secrets would be going on a fasting, which he religiously follows for a month each year and another would be abstemiousness.

Exciting series of England vs. Pakistan – Misbah Ul-Haq Reveals his Century Celebration
Exciting series of England vs. Pakistan – Misbah Ul-Haq Reveals his Century Celebration

The majority of people who have made a Test hundred, would be blond to simplify, have celebrated with alcohol. He did not start playing qualified cricket until he had graduated, making his first class presentation when he was 24. He had played no more than five tests and T20 international at the age of 30. The Pakistan team never forgets his test hundreds, they enjoyed their innings and they boost up their speed and confidence.

On that day Finn made a pitiful sight by the time he had passed 41 runs from his balls at Misbah. England’s plan was poor, so Finn had bowled too straight originally at Misbah, eagerly expecting that he could be pinned leg before as his head chop down the slope. By the end Finn was bowling bouncers round the wicket but too imprecise to be tagged Bodyline.

Jake is one of the most disciplined England bowlers, his ball was beating Misbah’s exterior edge three times in one over. Yet, Misbah did not get nervous about his bowling and he did a marvelous performance in test innings. The finest feature of the day, Pakistan beat the England team. England will be attacked by one of the best current supporters of reverse-swing, Wahab Riaz, and Yasir Shah.

The first half of Misbah’s batting was slow because the best supporters had gone and another half he made a striking performance in a one day match.

Heartbreaking moment of his performance:

Misbah made his runs, this was his first test innings in England at the age of 42 and his joy was explicable. He became the fifth Pakistani batsman to hit a century in a Test match at Lord’s in almost 50 years’ cricket match. But he now inhabits a place on the Lord’s honors board along the greats of Pakistan cricket. He occupies the place of Inzamam Ul-Haq, Mohammad Yusuf, Mohsin Khan and Hanif Mohammad.

It is a dream to play at Lord’s especially Misbah made a remarkable moment getting a hundred. He dedicated his hundreds to the mentors at an army boot camp in Abbottabad, where Pakistan used up two weeks training before flying to England. He had promised this to the army guys when they did their training camp. Misbah said whenever he got a hundred, he would do that to remind the army and he would dedicate his hundreds to them.

He saluted the Pakistan flag and also the army.