European Cup Championship 2016: An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL

European Cup Championship 2016: An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL
European Cup Championship 2016: An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL

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European Cup Championship 2016:  An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL – A round colorful object surrounded by 22 legs, dribbling, passing, striking, forwarding every kind of action and a lot of excitement for the spectators. That’s football!! The whole world loves to play and finds equal excitement in watching the game. A football match stadium and one can always witness the excitement, energy and the mesmerized people.

How people are energizing themselves! It’s an action by people for recreation of people. Recreation always turns into a tournament. The tournaments cup decides who can handle the ball wisely and efficiently with a superb coordination between eleven pairs of legs. Such a tournament is EURO CUP. A championship trophy for all European league and club players. A quadrennial universal competition among the UEFA members.

The tournament begun in 1960 and is held at regular intervals between the FIFA World Cups.

Europa League 2016: conflict of Titans

France happily organizing fifteenth release of EURO Cup from 10 June to 10 July 2016.After biting Turkey and Italy. This is the third time France is organizing EURO cup. Slogan of 2016 is Le Rendezvous. It’s a Le Rendezvous between players, coach, managers and fan s. This year total 24 team is contesting for the cup. Participant’s team no. has been expanded from 16 of last tournament to 24.

European Cup Championship 2016: An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL
European Cup Championship 2016: An Easy Ticket to LA VIE DU FOOTBALL

Qualifying journey was easy for France as it is the host nation. Other teams went through an exhausting round to qualify. Qualified 24 teams were drawn into six groups comprising of 4 teams in alphabetical order. Germany and Spain already three times champions are all time favorite. France the host nation will also fight to pin the trophy for third time. It will be their triumph on home soil.

The matches are being played in ten stadiums in ten cities: Bordeaux, Lens, Lille Metro pole, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Étienne, and Toulouse. Finale will be at Paris. A football fever is going on all around France and Europe. An intense excitement on those faces around the stadium will tell you a story how they got the ticket to cheer for their love. FOOTBALL. It’s the game, the skill, the spirit which pumped the adrenalin out.

How to get your Euro Cup tickets:

Every fan of every team just want to be with their team at the time of match. When they are calling out the name of the players it shows the love passion running in and out of the game. To be physically in the stadium one need to buy a ticket. UEFA has arranged to cater each fan of each team with lots of buying option one can buy the ticket directly from UEFA official site.

Beside that many online purchasing options are also there. Before buying a ticket one can go through the options to know which one fitting his budget and time. UEFA has come up with options like single pass, skybox passes, gold or platinum packages or one can buy for any semifinal or semifinal+ final combo. With the single passes one can witness any single match of his favorite team.

With gold or platinum skybox passes one can enjoy the game with friend and family in a private enclosure while enjoying gourmet food from a multi starred chef with a butler at service. For this special privilege ticket range is from 950 euro to 8900 euro. Beside this if you want to be in the gallery with others like you, need to pay only 223 euro, the base price.

Choices are many but the tickets are in much demand so just browse, choose and buy. LA VIE DU FOOTBALL