Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game

Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game
Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game

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Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game – In badminton singles game, there are many types of styles and patterns are there to play. Players in fast and aggressive type, stroke players, defensive style players and straight forward. In fast and aggressive type players can play most of the shots like smashes, net shots, shots at drop fast, attacking at lobs, and also provide most low services. Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game

Even they pushes or flicks at the backcourt and use their foot work in fast pace on the court. The stroke players provide high services from the baseline which are too low at low services. The lobs are very angled and deep format, and the drop shots are played well and near the net they dropped.

Even the net shots are accurate but they are not performing much fast in the court when the attacking pattern. Many stroke players can play strokes which acts as trick to slow down their opponents. The players who have played in defenses can play its own style and they are play in usually manner with more reliable and better play.

Different types of Badminton play styles

And their push shots are going back that are more angled one and deceptive manner. With this pattern of play, it requires less smashes can play and their movements are steadier and smoothest one. In Straightforward and defensive play style, many shots are very simple and formal one, so the opposite player can behave with deceptive manner.

Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game
Different Styles of Play in Badminton Singles Game

Their services are deep and high format in the backcourt, shots at net are not much tricky so they play as simple but some few players can play shots in cross court nets. The shots in drop point to be sharp but it is not much faster to attacking play for the opponent. From this style of play, the main thing is must wear to down the opponent based on that to play consistently and use simple shot with are effective one.

But some of them make few mistakes while playing this type of shots. The players who are categorized as playing type as normally they have strong and high stamina based on the use of long rallies. Most of the top players can play combination in two type of styles one is dominating way those are helps effectively helps for attacking styles with stroke in deceptive play.

In the current days, most of the players can play in style of fast attacking way, this shot produces lots of smashes at jumping way and also lobs are attacking manner. Many young and aspiring players now follow and try to play those shots because this is now trending and they believe those shots are helps to win the game also.

The players who are good emotional intelligence and temper while playing those things are helps to win the game. In that way, the players have to play attacking styles which are helps to good attacks to opponents. When the person have more aggressive type, they suits for attacking styles so get naturally such type of power which would be use in their game.

The player who normally loves to give the quality game can get lots of control over the game and those players are very suits for deceptive stroke play. The people who are very interested to play this game have get very sharp minded and also gets lots of satisfaction after the game.

So the young talents can use such kind of shots to play better on the court. And moreover, to take more practice on such kind of shorts and even more they can listen words from inventor of such shorts.